I believe a new day brings us an opportunity for a new beginning.


Addressing the belief system is the key to reorganizing for better turning points in life.


Time isn't something we have or not. It's something we make for the things that matter the most. 



I believe the challenges we face come for our personal growth and, ultimately, for our best. By embracing challenges, I found my purpose and am glad to share my story with you.



I am Katia Mesquita, from Brazil. I arrived in the US in 2019 and have lived in Florida, the state I fell in love with, since then.

As an immigrant adapting to a new language and culture, despite having an attorney background in my original country, I couldn't just transfer my law degree right away to practice law here in the US, so once I received permission to work, I embraced the challenge of working with what I could do at the time: organizing and cleaning homes and offices. I opened a formal business in that segment and decided to offer the best home cleaning and organization services I could.

To make it work so that I could feel happy doing something that didn't require me to apply my intellectualism, I decided to integrate work with personal growth by diving deep into a variety of audiobooks, life coach training programs, and books on behavioral patterns, time management, coaching techniques, and life improvement to help some clients experiencing struggles with their personal organization.

I started coaching them, and seeing their happiness with¬†the positive¬†changes in their lives¬†lit me up! Teaching and coaching‚ÄĒthat's it. I found my purpose! It fuels me! And now, after helping so many clients in the privacy of their homes, here I am, ready to extend my services to you.¬†
Looking forward to our journey together!

All my heart,