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If you have special talents but are not working with what you feel passionate about or are not in the position you want to be in...


 I totally get it. And you also might be…


  • Feeling like your talent is being wasted
  • Working to fulfill someone else's dream
  • ¬†Frequently demotivated and with your energy drained
  • ¬†Wishing to work with what you are passionate about but unsure of how and where to start
  • Believing it's too late to do something about it
  • Often¬†a *liiiiitle*¬†overwhelmed, believing you can't find the time to change that
  • Doing a lot but never accomplishing anything significant for yourself
  • Feeling not enough and underpaid
  • Lacking freedom
  • Having a sensation that you can lose your job at any moment
  • Feeling some emptiness and lack of purpose in life
  • Frustrated

The cold,  hard TRUTH is...

If this issue is ignored or not solved, it can result in a lifetime wasted. How will you feel if you continue on that path?


But the good NEWS is that...

You are not alone in this journey and don't have to wait until things get too painful to start doing something to change the situation.

Introducing my coaching program...

Organizing to Work Independently and With Passion.


Tired of working with something you don't enjoy to fulfill someone else's dream? Get organized with all you need to start working for your desires and with what you are really passionate about. Introducing an exclusive one-on-one coaching program designed to prepare you with the skills you need (and some people don't want you to know) to go independent with passion.

In case we haven't met... 

Hey! I'm Katia. I am a personal organization coach, an online business entrepreneur, and host of The Neat Lifestyle Podcast. I help clients get more organized so they can have more control over the organization of their lives, physical spaces, and projects for more significant achievements. Just like you, one day, I wished to experience freedom and joy working with what I am really passionate about. Now, I want to demystify that for you because it's simpler than you might think. So, let's tackle it together.


"Katia is an excellent coach. She helped me improve my time management, and now I am more productive and less stressed."

- Lori Brown

"After working with Katia, I’ve made significant shifts in my perspective and daily routine. Her technique is unique, and she is very goal-oriented."

- Cris Freitas

"She is very professional and well-planned. I feel more motivated and inspired as I organize new plans for the future."

- Zvonko M.

Here is what you will learn:


- How to reorganize time to plan and implement your ideal independent work at your own pace.

- How to identify when a talent is a hobby and when it can be marketed.

- How to organize your independent work project

- How to identify your audience/potential clients

- How to attract your potential clients

- Differentiating yourself from the competition

- The essentials of creating a product, an offer, branding it, and creating a marketing strategy 

- How to charge appropriately for your services

- The tools you need to work independently

- How to develop a long-lasting relationship with clients

- Strategies to maximize your earnings


Take your first step towards independence and freedom today!

 How much is it?

Working with me 1:1 as a coach typically starts at $1000, but over the years, I've seen so many people struggling, feeling unfulfilled, and losing some precious time that I want to ensure this program is accessible to everyone.

For that reason, you can choose between purchasing the complete 8-module coaching program or each module separately. Both include live training and office hours for extra support to better suit the program to your time, pace, and budget. There is also the option for an installment plan (for non-US residents, restrictions may apply). It's a small investment that pays enormous dividends in your future.

Start Your New Journey Today!

Choose the option you desire:

Module One


Organize and uncover the basic skills to work independently with what you are passionate about. 

  • One kickoff Zoom call.
  • A 60-minute one-on-one coaching call (Zoom meeting).
  • A pre-recorded video of module one.
  • Lifetime access to the session recording.
  • BONUS:¬†One office hour session.
  • BONUS:¬†A¬†20% off coupon on your next coaching experience.
  • BONUS:¬†A customized¬†Daily Mindful Focus List¬†PDF ($11 value).
  • BONUS: E-book: How to Increase Your Price Tag¬†($27 value).
  • BONUS: Access to The Neat Lifestyle¬†Self-confidence audio program ($97 value).
  • Email customer support.

Complete 8-Module Coaching Program


Master the skills of independent work with what you are passionate about. 

  • One kickoff Zoom call.
  • Eight¬†60-minute one-on-one coaching calls (Zoom meetings).
  • Eight pre-recorded videos (all modules).
  • Lifetime access to the session recordings.
  • BONUS:¬†Eight¬†office hour sessions (optional to attend).
  • BONUS:¬†A premium¬†experience with a deeper approach, extra attention, and follow-ups.
  • BONUS:¬†A¬†20% off coupon on your next coaching experience.
  • BONUS:¬†A customized¬†Daily Mindful Focus List¬†PDF ($11 value).
  • BONUS:¬†E-book: How to Increase Your Price Tag¬†($27 value).
  • BONUS:¬†Access to The Neat Lifestyle¬†Self-confidence audio program ($97 value).
  • BONUS:¬†3-part video series: The Principles of Attraction¬†($297 value).
  • Email customer support.

For purchases of separate modules, the next ones will only be available for purchase after the previous module is completed.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to be so confident in your investment that I'll give it to you 100% risk-free. If you feel like the coaching session isn't a good fit for you after your experience,¬†send an email to [email protected] anytime during the¬†first 60 days, and I'll refund you.¬†

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