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What's The Neat Lifestyle

Program About?


The Neat Lifestyle Program is a coaching program for personal organization improvement. And getting more organized is not just about putting stuff away. It's the first step to developing a stronger foundation to build and manage wealth, time, a more harmonious relationship between work and personal life, and stronger connections. It's the key to a healthier, lighter, and more fulfilling life.


It's all about personal growth, and it's meant to provide you with the skills, links to the latest tools and resources, and motivation you need to reorganize life and keep it functioning well despite the external conditions.


This program is being released to the general public via the Internet for the first time. The "Beta" version will allow us to adapt The Neat Lifestyle Program to the virtual environment and its peculiarities. Our vision is to transform people's lives worldwide for a better quality of life.

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Katia is an excellent coach. She helped me improve my time management, and now I am more productive and less stressed.

- Lori Brown

After working with Katia, I’ve made significant shifts in my perspective and daily routine. Her technique is unique, and she is very goal-oriented.

- Cris Freitas

She is very professional and well-planned. I feel more motivated and inspired as I organize new plans for the future.

- Zvonko M.

 If you are experiencing stress, burnout, an imbalance between work and personal life, a sense of loss of control, or some form of disorganization...


 I totally get it. And you also might be…


  • Unsure of¬†where to start¬†
  • Rarely finding the time to do what matters the most to you
  • Often¬†a *liiiiitle*¬†overwhelmed
  • Always busy and lacking the energy to enjoy life
  • Not feeling as healthy as you would like
  • Doing a lot but never accomplishing anything significant¬†
  • Frequently missing some important deadlines
  • A sense of never being enough
  • Lack of purpose in life
  • Feeling like running in circles and never getting anywhere
  • Frustrated


The cold,  hard TRUTH is...

If this problem is not solved, what results will you continue to get? Will the problem grow into bigger problems? What risks are you taking by not addressing this problem? How would you feel if you continued on the same path?


But the good NEWS is that...

You are not alone and don't have to wait until things get completely out of control to put the organization of your life back on track. Improving your personal organization skills is the most efficient way to regain control over the organization of your life, home, and projects and experience a more harmonious relationship between work and personal life. 


The Neat Lifestyle

"Beta" Program

Your Personal Organization Improvement Program.

More Control Over the Organization of Your Life, Home, and Projects.

Start seeing significant results... 

in just four weeks!

In four weeks, I’ll walk you through the principles of personal organization and its fundamental integrations, help you to identify and rethink some habit patterns, map out new desired outcomes, and start to implement them so you can get more organized (and stay organized) in a fun, simple, productive and practical way. 

By the end of this training, you will: 

  • Master the principles to achieve¬†a more¬†organized life
  • Have identified habit patterns that led you to the issue and be able to change those patterns
  • Master the skills to become more organized
  • Have the confidence and motivation to¬†start making the transformation¬†
  • ¬†Get up-to-date with tools and resources available
  • Have the foundational skills for a more harmonious relationship between work and personal life
  • Be able to make a turning point in life and¬†a positive impact on other people's lives

In case we haven't met...


Hi! I'm Katia Mesquita! I am a personal organization expert, an online business entrepreneur, and your coach on The Neat Lifestyle Program. 

Over the last three years, I've helped 100+ American families improve their personal organization skills with a holistic approach, have the organization of their homes, lives, and projects more under control, and experience more harmony between work and personal life.

My mission is to enhance lives by offering my clients different perspectives and skills, introducing the latest tools and resources, and encouraging lifestyle adaptations. 

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An exclusive supportive community of like-minded people exchanging experiences with similar challenges.


An up-to-date list of helpful tools and resources to help you do less and boost productivity.

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